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14U ATCA DC system platform

Release:2019-01-20 14:53:06    Source:Beiren Technology    View:4777

Standard specification 

IEEE IEC 60297-1/2; PICMG3.0 R3.0

System characteristics

Supports up to 14 slots.
Supports 8U6HP 280mm front card insertion and 8U6HP 70mm rear card insertion.
Dual star or full network architecture backplane.
Redundant hot swappable fan disk.
Optional System Control Protocol.
Optional PEM or PMM module.
Working environment temperature: 0-50 ℃.
Storage temperature: -20~+85 ℃.

Technical parameter

Model 79E841114-xxx
Specifications 14U14S
Base passageway 1000 Base_T
Card insertion direction horizontal direction Fabric passageway 3.125 Gbps LVDS
External dimensions (W x H x D, mm) 482.6 x 621.5 x 500 Node slot 12
weight 30kg Exchange slot 2
Heat dissipation capacity Lower inlet and upper outlet Topological structure Double star or full network
The maximum heat dissipation capacity is a single slot300W IPMB Star or bus type
Controllable speed Update passageway have
colour black CLK1 have
Power supply capacity Dual DC -48V or dual AC 220V, with a maximum output power of 8000W CLK2 have
System Control Protocol IPMI 1.5 or SIMP CLK3 have

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