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4U VPX system platform

Release:2019-01-21 11:28:37    Source:Beiren Technology    View:5392

System parameter

4U5 slot portable chassis, vertical card insertion, aluminum profile structure; Supports 5 6U5HP160mm FTMs and 5 6U5HP RTMs.
Customized backboard for customers.
1+1 standard VPX AC power module with a maximum output power of 1000W.
1+1 redundant fan disk, 1+1 redundant system control module.
Meet VITA46.0, VITA46.3, VITA46.4, VITA48.1, and VITA62.0 with optional VITA46.10.
It can monitor and control the power supply, temperature, and fan, and automatically alert in case of faults.
Working temperature: -40~75 ° C (optional three protection), optional wide temperature design, consult technical personnel for details; Storage temperature: -40~85 ° C.
Humidity (non working state): 60 ° C 95%; 30 ° C 95% non condensing state.

System structure

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